Thursday, 4 February 2016

Upholstery and carpet cleaning in Fulham

Along with our carpet cleaning we also do a lot of uphpolstery cleaning in Fulham. 
One of the very few types of upholstery that we sometimes do not clean is Velvet. 
We've seen a rise of velvet couches in the past year. 
  All Care Cleaning does not clean velvet because it is a notorisously tricky fabric to clean. Velvet does not react well to water as it flattens and damages the fibers and also distorts the fabric pile sometimes leaving behind ugly white marks.
So what to do if you were ever so unlucky to spill something on your velvet upholstery?
Blend together a mixture of
☛Baking Soda
☛Lemon Juice
in a glass bowl. You will also need
☛Washcloth or a clean rag
☛A powerful vacuum and a brush attachment.
 (This is a guideline only, to be performed at your own risk. It has worked for All Care Cleaning in the past when we have had clients in Fulham desperate for a cleaning solution on their velvet couches).

☛Lightly vacuum the couch or piece of velvet that you need to clean. 
☛Mix the solution of lemon juice and baking soda and skim the foam with a soft cloth and wipe. Be aware that the lemon juice CAN dye darker fabrics so you need to be pretty quick.
☛Do not rub the solution into the velvet pile.
☛Let it dry, or if you have an industrial strenght hoover suck up the excess water.
If that fails get hold of an excellent dry cleaner. 
For all other cleaning matters please get in touch with All Care Cleaning Services.
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