Thursday, 27 August 2015

Oh dear oh dear there is a rat in my kitchen

Cute, furry looking creatures BUT rats can carry a number of deadly diseases. If rats gain entry to your business or home they can contaminate kitchen bench top surfaces and your food.

Then you need All Care Cleaning Services who are specifically trained to deal with these furry critters.

We can hygienically sanitise all areas that have been affected by rats. Dispose of rat droppings and even the rats themselves.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


So I am one of these people who can never wear white. 
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the colour but somehow, even before I get my white clothing on I manage to spill something on them. 
Same with light coloured furniture, it looks so good but I can just about imagine a white couch after a few hours in our home....not so white anymore. 
Now, I want to let you in on a little secret called
Everyone knows that if you spill something on your soft white furniture it is a nightmare to get rid of the stains after. 
All Care Cleaning actually do something called Fluroseal where we apply it to your upholstery, rugs and carpets.
Fluroseal is an protective, invisible film that is sprayed into the pile of the carpet/rug or into the fabric of the upholstery. 
It basically protects carpets and upholstery from spillage, in that it suspends the spilt product on the surfaces of the fabric or carpet 
so that you have enough time to go get a sponge so you can clean the spillage off. 
So next time you spill your tea and need us to come in and shampoo clean your carpets 
you should ask for our Fluorseal treatment too. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Entrance way woodwork

The first thing we see after entering your front door is the entranceway.
A lot of houses here in London have an entrance that leeds straight up into a staircase.
When All Care Cleaning is doing a move in or move out clean a lot of attention goes into cleaning the spindles on the staircases and the skirting boards that run up alongside it.
Any mirrors will also get a good clean, (so you can actually see your reflection). 

It is good feng-shui to keep your entrance as clean and pleasant looking as possible. 
It also immediately sets the tone for the rest of your property. 
In some instances, if the client asks for it, we will also clean the individual picture frames. 
Most houses we do clean still have carpeted steps and landings but we have seen a big shift going towards wooden flooring, 
and funky steps!

If you are in need of a full spring clean, moving in or moving out cleaning and live in London give us a call on 020 7625 8888 to get a free quote. For more details visit our web site. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

"Pouf" goes the ......

I love a good pouf, ottoman, foot-chair, whatever you chose to call it. 
So versatile. 
Easy to put in a corner when you don't need it. 
Equally easy to make into a statement piece.
The pouf's seems to be having a bit of a moment this year, featuring in all sorts of on-line blogs and magazines.
The fabric ones are quite easy to clean, so if you should have an accident with a tea - or coffee cup call All Care Cleaning Services  on 020 7625 8888☛ or look us up online. 
The only pouf's we won't touch is Velvet, Sea grass 
or leather poufs. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Since we started up as a cleaning company in 1987 we've seen our fair share of bathrooms. 
Some extremely stunning in it's simplified ways, 
some high tech,
some with beautiful views, 
some downright disgusting.
(Sorry for this last picture). I would go on to say we have a 100% success rate in all of our bathroom cleans. 
In London we have a lot of calcium build up in the water that leaves our toilets and taps and showers full of scales.
That are tricky to clean.
All Care Cleaning mainly uses PH friendly, bio degradable products but sometimes even we have to call in the more heavy duty chemicals to clean the bathrooms so that we can get the result the home owners are paying us for. (Believe me we have tried every single nature friendly method out there from vinegar and lemons to baking soda). 
I have learnt a few things as a cleaner.
One of them is how to clean the small glass tiles like the ones below. 
Absolutely stunning to look at but these stunners takes time to clean.
So if you are renovating your bathrooms and want small tiles like these ones make sure you buy the mother of all sealants for the grouting.
Otherwise it will be an absolute nightmare to clean.
Or you can just call in the experts, (yup, that's us) on 020 7625 8888 or check out our website for more information: 

Friday, 7 August 2015


Oh, the rugs.
You might have a few of them in your home.
They will give an interesting lift to any room. 

You might even have picked some up on your travels around the globe? 

I wonder if you have ever had them professionally cleaned?
Because honestly you know those dust mites that likes to hang around in carpets?
They thrive in rugs too. 
When All Care Cleaning Services come along to clean homes we very often shampoo clean carpets and rugs. We do it all on-site. 
If it is a particular colourful rug we will do a spot-treat test first just to make sure the colours won't run into each other. 

The results are always happy customers with brand new looking rugs,
free of dust mites. So if you have some rugs in your home that are in desperate need of a professional clean, give us a call on 020 7625 8888 or get in touch with All Care Cleaning Services via our website  for more information.