Friday, 26 February 2016

House cleaning in Camden Town

This week All Care Cleaning has been busy cleaning houses in Camden Town. 
All Care Cleaning do not clean leather sofa's or seagrass natural material rugs as they tend to change colour and really react with water.  Thus if you have a seagrass rug our best cleaning advice would be to just hoover it and hang it outside on the cold days to kill any mites that might live in it.

 The most time consuming part of the house to clean is always the kitchen. 
So whenever All Care Cleaning commences a house clean there will always be one or two members of the cleaning team concentrating on the kitchen clean, to make it sparkling again.  

All Care Cleaning's team are now expert at finding "hidden" dust and grime and we will make your house clean again, after a long winter hibernation. 
Glass partitions are often smeared in hard water and calcium build up.  When our cleaning team comes into the properties these will shine again after we are finished with them. The secret is in All Care Cleaning's special mix of cleaning detergents, de-scalers etc tried and tested over the years with incredible results and off course our cleaning method. 

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We always give our customers the choice on what they want cleaned and our team leader will give a written quotation before we start, breaking down all the prices so there will be a price for the bedroom, for the lounge room, for woodwork throughout the house etc. 
Do you feel like it is time to do some spring cleaning/ carpet cleaning but are too busy to do it yourself?
Give All Care Cleaning a call on 020 7625 8888 and we can give you a quotation over the phone.
We are open 24/7.
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