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Antiviral Fogging Disinfection

It has been some very testing weeks, even for us here at All Care Cleaning Services.
Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 we all find we have to take extra measures to make sure we do not spread the virus. We know that the viral strain that causes COVID-19 is highly resistant on surfaces and materials such as metal, glass and plastic. We still do not know how long this virus can last in the air but knowing that a single cough can travel up to two meters and produce around 2000-3000 droplets, well.....No wonder most of us are worried about touching anything. 

The latest technique we have been undergoing is an Antiviral Fogging Disinfection Technique, used to disperse virucides into the air. Similar to the mist that comes out of a normal air re-fresh can. The Antiviral Fogging Disinfection spray  sends microscopic droplets containing the virucide cleaning agent and reaches even the most secluded areas and evenly lands on surfaces. Within an hour the droplets will air dry on their own leavin…

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