Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Carpet cleaning in Chiswick

Can you believe it!....... All Care Cleaning actually cleans carpets and upholstery in and around the Chiswick area as well.
Upholstery cleaning on light fabric is quite tricky and All Care Cleaning's  professinal carpet and upholstery cleaning team will either hand-shampoo, steam clean or dry clean your upholstery 
If we say hand shampoo upholstery we will afterwards utilise our industrial strength super extractor machine that will suck up the broken down dirt and excess water out of the fabric. Same method is used on precious rugs.
All Care Cleaning have a pretty high success rate in carpet and upholstery cleaning but obviously there are some stains that will never come out unfortunately. 
Image from House and Garden 
Cigarette burns being one of them. So be careful next time you sit inside/outside with a cigarette. 
 Sometimes the carpets we clean in Chiswick may have faded from too much sunlight exposure and that is another stain that will not come out. 
We pad all furniture before we start our carpet cleaning as sometimes the furniture may leave a varnish/rust stain on your carpets. 
If you are interested in getting your carpets or upholstery cleaned call us today on 020 7625 8888 for a free estimate. All Care Cleaning has been around since 1987 cleaning carpets in London so we know what we are doing. All our workers are fully trained and fully insured.

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