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Friday, 15 March 2019

Carpet cleaning in Chelsea, -steps and landings

The days are slowly getting longer. More light. More joy, and more time to notice how shabby our carpets are looking through a long winter. All Care Cleaning Services spends a lot of time in Chelsea these days cleaning steps and landings,
 and getting good results.

Time to get your carpets cleaned before spring time?
Give us a call on 020 7625 8888 for a free estimate over the phone. 

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Carpet Cleaning in Kensington

We are slowly getting ready for spring.
Extremely slowly but this week we have been busy with carpet cleaning especially in the Kensington area of London. 

All Care Cleaning use professionally industrially strength machinery and we have a very high success rate with dirty carpets and rugs. 
We also pad all furniture after we have shampoo cleaned/ steam cleaned your carpets so that the furniture does not bleed into your freshly cleaned carpets and rugs. 

So if you are in need of getting your carpets cleaned just before spring hits give us a call now on 020 7625 8888. 
All Care Cleaning Services are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Monday, 4 February 2019

Emergency flood cleaning in Hammersmith

With all this cold weather around and especially with the snow All Care Cleaning Services Emergency Flood cleaning department has noted a marked increase in the number of flood jobs we have been attending in Hammersmith, Fulham and Chelsea areas.

The key with trying to save damaged flood items is to get the emergency clean team in ASAP. 
Basically we extract all removable excess water out of the flood affected areas and then clean, sanitise and disinfect the same areas. 
Often when you have bust drains and pipes there is also sewage cleaning involved where it is essential that all surfaces are disinfectant and sanitised. If you have any of the above problems please do not hesitate to contact the emergency team at All Care Cleaning Services at 020 7625 8888

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Carpet cleaning in Chelsea, London

All Care Cleaning Services uses two defined cleaning methods for their carpets. 
We can either steam clean carpets or industrially shampoo clean carpets and basically the method we will use depends upon the type of carpet, colour of the carpet and the type of stains etc. 
It is the same cost whatever method we use. 
Basically with very dirty carpets such as restaurant carpets, bar/pub carpets the industrial shampoo cleaning method is preferred.
With new, bright coloured carpets with minimum stains we would use the steam cleaning method. 
As most of the carpets we are cleaning here in London are very dirty, especially after a hard, cold and wet winter, we have noticed a distinct advantage with the industrial shampoo cleaning method. 
This entails two machines, one machine putting a dry foam industrial shampoo into the pile of the carpet, which is agitated by a machine brush system which breaks down the dirt, etc. and then the second machine which is an industrial extractor which sucks out all the broken down dirt, residue and industrial shampoo. 
Pictures from Google Search 
We pre-spot all stains before cleaning commences and the carpets are touch dry when we leave and completely dry within 3 - 4 hours with good heating. 
We also move any furniture and place it on pads so that it will not affect the carpet pile. 
Most of our carpet cleaning is centred around Chelsea/ Kensington/ Mayfair/ Piccadilly etc. but we operate within any area of London. 
For a free estimate please give us a call on 020 7625 8888 where we have a 24 hour phone service. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Rug cleaning in Fulham, London

All Care Cleaning do undertake quite a bit of rug cleaning.
Making sure we do a dye test before we use our industrial machines to either steam clean or shampoo clean your rugs. 
Picture taken from BL

This week we had a stain removal treatment on a rug in Fulham, London  very similar to the rug pictured above where we managed to get all the stains out of the carpet. Our rug cleaning experts will have a look at your rugs and carpets before they undertake the clean and if there are stains they do not think will come out they will advise you before they start cleaning. 
If you are looking to have your carpets or rugs cleaned please give us a call for a free estimate on 020 7625 8888

Friday, 25 January 2019

Flood cleaning in Kensington, London

I am sure everyone has noticed that over the last few days it has been absolutely freezing and even the forecast for next week is for more cold weather. 
The problem we have here in London is that the underground drainage pipes etc are very old and often they freeze up. and we are called out to do emergency flood cleaning in Kensington, London. 
Whenever something freezes, ice expands and this often causes pipes to crack or burst and we are often called out to do emergency flood cleaning jobs in Kensington, South Kensington or `Chelsea in London. 

If this ever happens be sure to call the Flood and Emergency Cleaning Experts from All Care Cleaning Services on 0207 625 8888

Photo taken from Google

We firstly extract all the "excess" water, (which in some cases involves sewage cleaning), from the affected flood areas. We then clean all the affected surface areas where we sanitise, odour neutralise, disinfect and lemon or apple re-fresh these same flood affected areas. 

Its a tough job but someone's got to do it!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Emergency cleaning in Chelsea, London

It has happened to a lot of us.
That one moment where we manage to spill red wine, or coffee/tea onto our carpets or rugs.
Frantically we'll get a sponge to dry and mop the mess up only to make it worse. 
Next time this happens why don't you give All Care Cleaning Services a call on 020 7625 8888. We have been around for over 30 years now and know how do deal with removal of wine stains, coffee/tea stains and other stains. We also do emergency flood cleaning in London.