Monday, 30 March 2015

Salt and the wonders of cleaning

Salt can be used for so much more than just cooking.

Just check this out:
1. To clean oven spills mix together mainly salt and a dash of cinnamon. Keep this mixture on hand so that you can cover spills as soon as they happen. The salt will absorb the liquid and both salt/cinnamon will fight any odours. 

2. If you have extra greasy pans add a bit of salt then use a piece of paper to buff. Follow up with a normal wash. 

3.  For burnt crusties at the bottom of pans apply a sprinkling of salt as soon as you're finished cooking. This will help the sticky stuff come off later. 

4. For cast iron cookware: fill the bottom of the pan with oil, heat up a bit and add a few tablespoons of coarse salt. this will form a paste which you can use to scrub. Rinse with hot water and wipe dry. 

Or if you just want a professional cleaning company to come in and do your kitchen clean, why don't you check us out here

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kitchen Cleaning

Probably the most sought after cleaning requirement in our business is kitchen cleaning.

Without a doubt the worst job you can do when undertaking the kitchen is cleaning the cooker/oven inside and out. 

They are usually always covered in grease and you have to clean the individual trays which are normally black. 

Luckily in our range of industrial degreaser's we have some really good ones which speeds the process up and can make some of the ovens look basically brand new. If you need your kitchen cleaned check out this link.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


The water here in London is super hard and it builds up scale really quick.
After a while it is almost impossible to get rid off and the scale is clogging up shower units and taps. 

All Care Cleaning Services has a very high success rate of getting rid of those pesky scale's, in fact so much so that we have return customers who hire us every year to come and give their bathrooms a proper clean.  
The taps after one of our Professinal Cleaners are done with them looks shiny new. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lipstick stain removal

Today's tip is for the removal of lipstick stains on carpets.
Rub the lipstick stain with vaseline and wash in hot soapy water. It sounds weird but this method works. For more tips check out our website

Saturday, 14 March 2015


I am sure everyone has seen the scene below where the wine glass is teetering and is about to fall on the lush carpet pile below. 

We might not be able to stop the actual glass from falling but we can if we do things right remove the stains and save the carpet. Here's how:
The key is you must immediately pour lots (and I do mean lots), of table salt on the entire area. Just sweep up with a dustpan and brush and repeat if necessary. I am not quite sure why it works but it does. 

The most important thing for wine stain removal is not to rub the wine into the carpet or carpet pile but to blot it. Blot with a white paper towel to remove as much of the red/white wine stain as possible. Then neutralise the spot with a white vinegar solution, (3rd cup of white vinegar and 2/3rd's cup of water). Saturate the spot with the white vinegar solution using a spray bottle and then blot again with white paper towel. Then apply a small quantity of detergent solution using a blotting motion. Rinse with normal water using a spray bottle and blot again to remove excess water. If all else fails for more emergency carpet cleaning advice call in the experts: All Care Cleaning

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Flood Cleaning in London

If you ever manage to get involved in a flood like this the chances are your carpets are going to be soaked...

For a job like this you definitely need the professionals like All Care Cleaning and you must ask for an appliance called a de-humidifier. This appliance basically sucks all the moisture out of the affected flood area.

For the situation above you would need a few thousand of them.
For more information check out:

Monday, 9 March 2015

The humble Lemon

We all associate the humble lemon as a remedy for the flu, lemonade or more traditionally the good old gin and tonic.
However, little is known about the lemon's cleaning capabilities.
For example if you have a bad rust stain on some fabric you can just sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and salt and leave to dry in the sun.

As well, if you have a rust stain on a vinyl floor or some woodwork you just mix lemon juice in with some baking soda to make a paste and leave it on for several hours and then scrub.

As mentioned earlier in the week a sliced lemon will absorb any paint smells if placed in the room that has just been decorated.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


In this day and age with all the 'techo' gadgets around it is sometimes easy for someone to set up a business and pretend that they have actually been around for years...

In terms of my business All Care Cleaning Services it seems kind of unreal that I have actually been in the cleaning industry for 32 years. 

As a result I thought it would be interesting to share some photo's of my times over these years. This first picture below was taken in the 1980's and it was basically when I was first getting into cleaning. Check out the style of vans way back then.  I am the guy on the right of the picture. 

The next picture was taken in the year 2000 with my girlfriend, Hildi, who would later in life go on to become my wife. In those early years Hildi used to help me clean. 

The cleaning game is basically a seven day a week 24 hour service where we are expected to clean in any conditions

The final picture is basically 2015 where we have a lot of cleaning vans on the road ready to go, prepared for any challenges that our customers may throw at us.