Thursday, 4 June 2015

Vomit stains

Unfortunately we have all seen these stains and in some cases we may have actually caused them ourselves.....when we were younger of vomit stains.

It is important to know how to remove these vomit stains from carpets, rugs, clothing etc.

Remove as much of the vomit stain as possible by using a spoon or a dull knife. Blot up as much of the stain as possible with white paper towels.

Neutralise by spraying the affected area with the ammonia solution, (1 tablespoon of clear household ammonia and  1/2 cup water). Care should be taken to remove all protein matter. Blot any excess moisture.

Apply a small quantity of detergent solution to the spot. (To make a detergent solution mix 1/4 teaspoon of a hand dish washing detergent which does not contain lanolin or bleach with 1 quart of water). Use a blotting motion to work the detergent into the affected area. If spot is being removed continue applying detergent and blotting with a white paper towel.

Rinse with tap water using a spray bottle, blot to remove excess moisture.

Spray lightly with water, do not blot this time. Apply pad of paper towels and brick and allow to dry. If there are still some stains on the carpet and blotting is not removing it then moisten the tufts in the stained area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for 1 hour. Blot and repeat until carpet is stain free.

If that does not work, call in the experts at All Care Cleaning Services, if you live in the London area that is.

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