Sunday, 28 June 2015

Carpet Moth Removal

If you suddenly notice small balding patches on the edges or corners of your carpets there is a pretty good chance you have an infestation of carpet moths.

This can be a major problem as the female carpet moth can lay around 300 eggs in her short adult life and this infestation can very quickly get out of hand. 

The female carpet moth lays its eggs in quieter, darker and undisturbed areas of carpets and rugs where 4 - 10 days later they will hatch. 

The larvae can live for up to two years which accounts for continue damage as they eat through the winter months. 

The organic way to get rid of carpet moths is as follows:

❂ Thoroughly vacuum carpets, especially under furniture and clean along skirting boards and the areas you have seen on the carpets which are balding.

❂ Get your carpets professionally industrially shampoo cleaned so as to kill the larvae and the eggs.

❂ Continue to vacuum and place moth traps in the affected areas so as to break the cycle by killing the adults. 

❂ If you want to go down the chemical route you can also  spray with special moth insecticides which can be googled. 

For more information please contact All Care Cleaning Services who are the experts in carpet cleaning. .....Of course.

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