Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Upholstery Cleaning in London.

Traditionally we use three different upholstery cleaning methods when cleaning upholstery.........Either steam cleaning, dry-cleaning or hand shampooing.

In this post I will be talking about hand shampooing.

The first thing that must be done is to actually lay down ground sheets and then industrially hoover all the upholstery to remove all dust, hairs, fluff etc.

After this has been completed it is necessary to spot treat any bad stains.
Basically, we are using a high density industrial dry foam shampoo which works wonders on upholstery and stain removal. 

Once all the stains have been removed you shampoo clean all the upholstery, back to front and from top to bottom. 

It is really important to only use the foam from the shampoo and if this is adhered to there will be hardly any water on the upholstery fabric. 

Finally using the industrial hoover vacuum all the upholstery to get rid of any excess water, the industrial shampoo and all the broken down dirt etc.  

The upholstery will dry within 4 - 6 hours under normal temperatures.

If you ever need any help with your upholstery cleaning please do not hesitate to call the experts!

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