Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dry Cleaning of Curtains

Traditionally there are two ways you can dry clean curtains.
The first and by far the biggest hassle involves taking the curtains to the actual dry cleaners.
This basically means you have to get a ladder out, unhook all the curtains and while you do this you break a few hooks, after this you must take them to the dry cleaners where in London you get charged an absolute fortune.

As well the actual cleaning can take up to three to four days and that basically means you have no curtains to keep the cold or the neighbours eyes from prying in. 

The method All Care Cleaning uses is to actually clean the curtains on-site.

Firstly, we put a ground sheet down underneath the curtains and using a special industrial hoover we actually industrially vacuum all the curtains from top to bottom and on both sides. 

After this the curtains are sprayed dry cleaned on both sides and any lose dust or marks is cleaned away and then we again re-hoover the curtains. 

If you look at your curtains now and they need to be re-freshed or sanitised and you live in London just give us a call on 020 7625 8888. 

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