Thursday, 16 April 2015

Candle wax stain removal

You would have all seen the beautiful sight of lit candles glowing in the dark in someones room.

They look fantastic.

However, there will always be a day where the lit candle will either fall over or the melted candle wax will hit the carpets.....

Here is a simple tip to try and get rid of those pesky candle wax stains:

First you need a warm iron, 

which is carefully ironed over a big normal brown envelope. (Oh, you need a brown envelope too).

What happens is the envelope is placed over the candle wax stain. Then with the iron at a temperature where it is not obviously burning the envelope it melts the candle wax. 

This melted wax is then absorbed into the paperwork of the envelope, (you may need a few envelopes, depending on the size of the stain). 

If you do not have an iron or brown envelopes or you simply can't be bothered just phone up the professional carpet cleaning team at All Care Cleaning. Service with a smile :-)

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