Entrance way woodwork

The first thing we see after entering your front door is the entranceway.
A lot of houses here in London have an entrance that leeds straight up into a staircase.
When All Care Cleaning is doing a move in or move out clean a lot of attention goes into cleaning the spindles on the staircases and the skirting boards that run up alongside it.
Any mirrors will also get a good clean, (so you can actually see your reflection). 

It is good feng-shui to keep your entrance as clean and pleasant looking as possible. 
It also immediately sets the tone for the rest of your property. 
In some instances, if the client asks for it, we will also clean the individual picture frames. 
Most houses we do clean still have carpeted steps and landings but we have seen a big shift going towards wooden flooring, 
and funky steps!

If you are in need of a full spring clean, moving in or moving out cleaning and live in London give us a call on 020 7625 8888 to get a free quote. For more details visit our web site. 


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