Since we started up as a cleaning company in 1987 we've seen our fair share of bathrooms. 
Some extremely stunning in it's simplified ways, 
some high tech,
some with beautiful views, 
some downright disgusting.
(Sorry for this last picture). I would go on to say we have a 100% success rate in all of our bathroom cleans. 
In London we have a lot of calcium build up in the water that leaves our toilets and taps and showers full of scales.
That are tricky to clean.
All Care Cleaning mainly uses PH friendly, bio degradable products but sometimes even we have to call in the more heavy duty chemicals to clean the bathrooms so that we can get the result the home owners are paying us for. (Believe me we have tried every single nature friendly method out there from vinegar and lemons to baking soda). 
I have learnt a few things as a cleaner.
One of them is how to clean the small glass tiles like the ones below. 
Absolutely stunning to look at but these stunners takes time to clean.
So if you are renovating your bathrooms and want small tiles like these ones make sure you buy the mother of all sealants for the grouting.
Otherwise it will be an absolute nightmare to clean.
Or you can just call in the experts, (yup, that's us) on 020 7625 8888 or check out our website for more information: 


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