Thursday, 5 March 2015


In this day and age with all the 'techo' gadgets around it is sometimes easy for someone to set up a business and pretend that they have actually been around for years...

In terms of my business All Care Cleaning Services it seems kind of unreal that I have actually been in the cleaning industry for 32 years. 

As a result I thought it would be interesting to share some photo's of my times over these years. This first picture below was taken in the 1980's and it was basically when I was first getting into cleaning. Check out the style of vans way back then.  I am the guy on the right of the picture. 

The next picture was taken in the year 2000 with my girlfriend, Hildi, who would later in life go on to become my wife. In those early years Hildi used to help me clean. 

The cleaning game is basically a seven day a week 24 hour service where we are expected to clean in any conditions

The final picture is basically 2015 where we have a lot of cleaning vans on the road ready to go, prepared for any challenges that our customers may throw at us. 

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