Carpet Moths in Chiswick

It has been hot, hot, hot this past week in London and with the sun shining and the the temps rising we will also unfortunately see a big rise in the Carpet Moth population.

 For example a few days ago we completed a big shampoo carpet cleaning job in Chiswick. 
These "pesky" little insects cause a lot of damage to carpets:

To prevent this damage it is extremely important to act when you see the first signs of these insects?

All Care Cleaning Services are often called to shampoo clean carpets.

If you do see Moth activity we can put an environmentally friendly additive into our shampoo mix that is only harmful to Moths. 

 All Care Cleaning Services  comes with a fully equipped van and we always use our own industrial strength machinery but once we have been and gone make sure you change the vacuum bag in your own hoover. Wash all soft fabrics in the rooms affected, especially cracks and crevices where eggs might be hiding, (we also shampoo clean upholstery) but it would be a good idea to take down curtains etc. and give them a good wash. 

Give us a call today on 020 7625 8888 for a free estimate. 


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