Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Light fixtures/Chandeliers

Up high they hang and pretty they look...
but after a while they lose their sparkle and get covered in dust. ....Especially here in London where the traffic is heavy and the air is very polluted.
Light fixtures, especially chandeliers are the most tedious and boring cleaning job. 
They are time consuming and often hard to get to
but if they have lost their sparkle they are definitely worth the time and effort that goes into cleaning them. 

Even the outdoor lights. 
all images taken from pintrest

So if you don't fancy balancing on a ladder, ( trying to clean your hallway chandeliers etc), this is actually a job All Care Cleaning Services with our 28 years of experience in this type of specialist cleaning is perfect for. 
So give us a call to bring the sparkle back into your chandeliers!

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